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Remy Ma Presents Chrome 23 “Ladies & Gentlemen” LIVE on PPV!

The “Ladies and Gentlemen” edition of Chrome 23 will feature both male and female rappers

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Chrome 23 is an all female rap battle league for women, supporting women, ran by women to push the forward equally!

The Founder and creator announced the first-ever, women-only battle rap league Chrome 23 in December 2021 and with the inaugural, “Queens Get The Money” rap battle card it has left all with relatable experience.

The music industry gets dominated by male and this forms the idea behind creation of Chrome 23.

Chrome 32 stands is all about all-female rap battle league that is run by and supports women in their push to move the forward having women participate in the music industry where male folks are dominating.

Remy said “Being a female rapper in this industry is tough, but we have made lots of effort to level the playing field. There is so much talent and so many people who can pen. If I can give them space or platform, I will. The ‘Queens Get The Money’ is a rap battle experience, the first of its kind, for female MCs to show their talent.”

The Chrome 23 Presents “Ladies and Gentleman” Trailer has lots of relatable information. You can check below.

Chrome 23 Presents “Ladies and Gentleman” (Trailer)

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